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Teaching Your Children Life’s Lessons Through Bedtime Tales

In every movie or television series, Daddy or Mommy always reads a bedtime story before the little ones go to bed. Evenings will not end unless children are tucked in bed a little after dinner, then Mommy or Daddy opens a book or her memory bank to pick up a story to read or tell for the night.

By doing so, Daddy and Mommy are following an age-old tradition. Storytelling was one of the earliest forms of teaching and encouraging children.

Storytelling improves a child's creativity as they hear a story without the pictures and the graphics, so they train their mind to come up with their own images of what they hear. You can teach your kids 'lessons of life' (also known as "lecciones de la vida" in the Spanish language) through stories.

Ask them to illustrate how Cinderella or Snow White looks, and they will all give you an exact image of the Walt Disney illustration. But tell them to create a picture of a lesser known character in a short story and they will give you different pictures describing how they individually and distinctly perceive each character to be.

Storytelling develops and trains vision. It does a good exercise at converting thoughts into words or illustrations. For generations past, children first learned about culture, social values and life principles through the simple after-dinner or bedtime stories they get to hear.

Storytelling teaches children compassion. It speaks to them of morality through stories that tell of the good and the bad. As they listen to stories, children open their eyes to their roles in the society and learn more about important life values such as trust, restraint, forgiveness and empathy.