Essential Vacation Vaccination Defeating Yellow Fever Forever

A vaccination means potential danger. Just what is it we are talking about here? What is yellow fever? Yellow fever is a potentially life-threatening disease caused by a virus that primarily lives in infected mosquitoes. The bite of an infected mosquito may cause fever and flu-like symptoms, liver and kidney failure, and jaundice.

Jaundice is the yellowing of the skin due to a breakdown in liver function and where this despicable disease gets its name. The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones are to receive a yellow fever vaccination from a certified travel clinic before you leave America. You can browse for yellow fever vaccination.

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As previously mentioned, there are many problem areas in the world where vaccination is highly recommended. In Central and South America, some of these problem areas are:






French Guiana 






Trinidad & Tobago 


Vaccination is the single most important tool in your arsenal of protection. A yellow fever vaccination is administered as inoculation and is surprisingly affordable considering all the protection one gains from these shots.

There are some countries that will not allow entry without a yellow fever vaccination. When you find travel clinic you will know this current list and match it up against your travel itinerary. The following list is people who are exempt from the yellow fever vaccination:

• Children under nine months old (or less than six months during an epidemic) 

• Pregnant women – except during an outbreak 

• People with a severe allergic reaction to eggs. This is because the vaccination is incubated inside eggs 

• Individuals with severe immunodeficiency due to HIV or the presence of a thymus disorder

Many people are concerned about the risks of vaccinations. So, you may be asking yourself just how safe is a yellow fever vaccination? Well, as with any vaccination there are risks. But these side effects are mild and include only soreness & swelling at the inoculation site or fever and aches. If these problems do occur they should subside within one week.