Ideas For Making A T-Shirt Online

making your own tshirt screen printing photo

Have you ever wanted to make your own tshirt but did not know how to get started? It is not an easy task to do. There is so much competition out there already. In this article, I will give you ideas on how to get your designs into a reality. identify what target market you are going for. Choose a name, colours and get started easily online today. Remember, that the most insignicant topics out there have all got tough comeptition. So, after reading this, you will have the tools you need to make and design your own tshirt brand. 

Identify your target market

Before you commence making your own tshirt and starting your own tshirt brand. It is crucial to identify which will be the target market. A niche market is part of a larger group. The skateboarding marketing is actually part of the action sports market. Within this niche, you will find categories. You could design your t shirts to target a punk style within the skateboard niche market.

Research your target market.

For the remainder of this article, lets say you decide to target a punk category within the skateboarding niche market inside the action sports group. First thing you will need to do is research and organise your findings. Take a look at all the different brands and see which ones fit into the punk category. Take a look at the t-shirts they offer. Consider how your tshirt designs will fit in and provide a unique point of view for customers that like this style.

There are so many fashion brands out there at the moment. You need to really provide something unique or do what the brands are already doing, but just in a better way. You may be able to out perform the competition in price, delivery or type of materials used. So make sure that your tshirt designs are not similar to what is already being offered.   

A name for your t-shirt brand.

Look at old punk images, music and other resources. Get into the punk way of thinking. Look at letters and choose letters that appeal to you. Is it easy to pronounce? You don’t want a name that people cannot say properly. When you hear someone say the name, what do you think of? If you can match your t shirt name concept with what you imagine when it is pronounced, you are onto a winner. Names that usually do well are shirt in length and easy to pronounce. Think of some of the famous brands to get an idea of how they do it.

Choose colours and stick with them.

Once you have your t-shirt name, you need to choose colours. This is an important step, because colours will help your brand to become recognised. An example of this would be to use black, white and red. You could have a red and white print on a black t shirt. Or a black and red printed design onto a white t shirt.

Make Your Tshirt online

Now you have your tshirt target market, name, colours and designs. You now need to make your tshirt online. In the past, you would have to go to a screen-printing shop, but not any more. Now you can go online and submit your t shirt design, have it printed and delivered to your customers. It is now very affordable and you don’t have to order any minimum quantities.