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Reasons Why Sales Training Doesnt Work

Firms do it again and again. They have the very best intentions by investing in sales coaching, however almost always get the exact same lackluster results. Here’s the situation. Executives at a company decide “We need to take our sales staff to the next level! We need to put money into our salespeople so they are better equipped to sell to our customers.

Sales training by itself simply does not work. Yet we continue to throw money down the drain year after year. Why does this happen? There are numerous answers.

  • Nobody strengthens the training after the initial training workshop, therefore it hastens.
  • Managers learned that the concepts together with their team members so are invited to coach to it.
  • The training is generic and Might Not Be completely applicable to your business – therefore, not adopted.
  • There are no methods in place to support it.

Reasons Why Sales Training Doesnt Work

Questions firms should ask themselves before contemplating training include:

Do we now have a clear plan for growing company and can our sales team know it? Does our existing sales staff construction support that strategy?

  • Can we have the ideal people on board? Do we have a fantastic system for recruitment, hiring, onboarding and developing salespeople?
  • Do we have a defined sales process for converting prospects to customers or does everybody sell “in their own way?”
  • Are we measuring top indicators which could help us make adjustments and diagnose problems or are we merely measuring sales outcomes (lagging indicators) which make it too late to correct?
  • Perhaps you have given the revenue leader the ideal tools to make all these things occur?

These basic issues and others have to be dealt with before firms should spend a dime on sales coaching. Without them, you are wasting your money.