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Home Drug Testing – Is Your Teen at Risk?

No one wants to admit it, but it's pretty scary to have a teenager in this day and age. Perhaps the scariest aspect is the fear that your little angel, the kid who used to make you 'best mommy ever' cards for no reason, will turn into an unwashed, sullen, uncommunicative drug abuser.

Many parents have turned to at home drug testing, so they can be sure that their teens are behaving and staying away from harmful drugs and alcohol. At first thought, the idea of insisting that your teenager submits to home drug testing seems horrible.

It's an invasion of privacy; it betrays the trust between parent and child. These things could be true. There are many companies which provide home drug test strips.

No one believes that their child will start doing drugs. No one believes that their child will drink and drive.

The truth, though, is that no matter how many talks you have about the dangers of drugs, the evils of drunk driving, every year some kids just fall through the cracks and start using drugs and/or alcohol.

That doesn't mean that they are bad. The reasons why a teen might smoke a joint or take a pill are too numerous to mention. The fact is, though, that sometimes they do, and some might just do it once, but for some, it becomes a problem.

That's when the at home drug testing can be an invaluable tool. Confronting a kid about odd behavior, asking if it is drug related is a horrible thought, but it is something every parent must be willing to do.