Famous Beaches in Cebu You Should Visit

There are a lot of famous beaches just within Cebu City and also on its provinces that has a lot of tourists each year visiting the site to relax, have fun, and to ease their minds from the problems they are facing. Yes, going to beaches or other tourist spots or destinations will help ease and calm your mind from all the frustration and problems you have. Seeing a beautiful and lovely beach will totally make you forget all the troubles you are in. 

Cebu isn't just known internationally because of its history or the festivities that people loves to attend to, it's also because of the lovely and wonderful beaches in Cebu that makes people loves on visiting the city. With all the famous beaches that went viral and those who just started in gaining popularity, here’s the list of beaches to visit in Cebu for me and these are just my opinions and reflection with the beaches below. 


5 beaches you should visit

  1. Logon Beach in Malapascua – Malapascua is one of the best place to spend your dream summer escapade. Aside from the undeniably gorgeous white beach, there are also lots of fun activities you can do in Malapascua such as scuba diving, thresher shark watching, wake boarding, and a lot more. 
  2. Tingko Beach in Alcoy – This pretty little beach in Alcoy in southern Cebu is a popular place for locals. Cebuanos and even foreigners just can’t get enough of the white beach and the affordability of the resorts surrounding it. In the summer months particularly, when the weather is good, it looks stunning. Keep in mind though that on weekends and holidays it can get a little noisy. There are a number of resorts in the area, but if you want to stay at a resort with the best views in town hands down the best place is Voda Krasna Resort. It occupies the best piece of real-estate in Alcoy. Truly one of the beaches to visit in Cebu due to its wonderful white sand and amazing and cheap resorts around it. 
  3. Kota Beach Resort – It is located at the heart of Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island and has gained popularity because of its long white powdery sands and pristine blue waters. Perfect place to swim and to walk in the seashore with your love ones. 
  4. Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort – An easy escape off the coast of Bancogon, Oslob, Cebu, the Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort provides refuge and immediate relaxation to its traveling visitors. Surrounded by hues of blue, the resort provides ultimate relaxation away from the busy metropolis. Things you can do here: dive, Butanding Whale watching, and relax. 
  5. Hidden Beach in Aloguinsan – If you want to have fun and relax at the same time, then this is the best place for you. It’s clean, greenery and uncrowded. Literally the hidden beach of Aloguinsan! Perfect for unwinding and for those who wants a peaceful and quiet time in the beach.

Drivers Must Take Advantage Of Various Apps

Driving is becoming safer and more fun nowadays, thanks to the various mobile apps that have been designed to help drivers simplify things for themselves. If you do not already have certain apps to make life easier for yourself as a driver, then it is high time you started getting them installed.

Check this link out for some useful mobile apps for drivers that you may soon find yourself not being able to do without. When driving, you will often find yourself having to stop at different places for any reason and a challenge that you will find yourself in, is that of finding a safe parking spot for the same.

This will no longer be a problem if you have access to an appropriate app as detailed on the website linked to here above which will advise you of known parking lots to leave your car where you want to stop by for a while. Similarly, you will sometimes want to be advised of important places that are worth spending some time at on your way to a specific destination.

Key sightseeing spots may appear along the way which you can only benefit from if you have relevant apps that would detail any specific spot that you may be either about to cross or where you may be at at the time.

Main Advantages In Going To A Hunt Lodge

There are different activities you can do under the sun during your vacant days and you have to be willing. That way, you would enjoy the whole thing. You should only go to the right Texas hunt lodge. This would literally provide different perks to hunters especially if they have been waiting for a long time to do this. Others who have not tried this would think that the activity is a hassle but no. They only need to take note of every benefit so this would really be encouraged to take this chance.

Besides, there are outfitters available in the place. It means you do not have to worry about the gears you use since you can rent or buy it from the same store. It does not cause any hassle so never treat this as a bad thing. It would literally be a great benefit for people like you who are determined.

Everything about this is also challenging. This implies that you would never have any problem when you start to go there. If you have always liked challenges, this would really be perfect and you would not regret anything. You only need to take note of everything so it would not disappoint you.

Cost is not something people should be worried about. The price of this is not even that expensive due to the fact that one can just rent the gears. You might be bothered because of the cost but you shall not even worry about it. Everything about the price is satisfying and beneficial in the end.

It would also be new to you. If you have not done this even before, this should be your chance to take advantage of things. It is a wise idea to try something new since it offers you with nothing but great benefits. It would be a shame to do the same thing over and over so you need to consider it.

This improves your skills especially in aiming. It will always be difficult to shoot moving animals since they can be unpredictable. If so, the hunting experience would train you to be a better hunter which you could use in the future. You might wish to do this regularly so avail the package properly.

Balancing your body would also be a perk. One day, you get to master this. As a first timer, you would surely have a hard time balancing and all. But in the long run, it would be easier. You can just stand there and maintain your stance for a long time as you aim. Just focus and be determined to do it.

Your alertness would be heightened. Of course, you have to be alert to make sure you hunt the right animals properly. Otherwise, there would be problems and you might just panic. Never forget.

Lastly, it is legal in some areas. Its purpose is not just shooting for fun but for reducing the population of certain animals. That is why you must go to the best place for this.

Best Beaches to Visit in Fiji


Fiji has some of the best beaches comprising of beautiful coral reefs and a wide array of marine species. Some of these beaches today compete against the very best in the world. So, if you happen to be in Fiji for a vacation, then these are some of the best beaches you must surely visit. 

  • Honeymoon Beach – Located on Fiji’s Turtle Island, the Honeymoon Beach is one of the finest beaches Fiji has in store. Comprised with leaning palms and beautiful white sands, you would surely want to own it if you got the chance.  This is the perfect beach for couples who happen to be for their honeymoon. Do note that, the Turtle Island has only 14 accommodations to offer to travelers, you can understand as to why is that.
  • Liku Beach – Not a popular beach amongst tourists however, this beach gives the feeling of a staircase taking you to heaven. Located at Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands, the name Liku means ‘Sunset’ and stretches along the Tokoriki Island about 3000 feet long. The beach is best for those seeking a solitude experience.
  • Seagrass Bay – Laucala Island’s explicit beach is the Seagrass Bay. This island is a resort consisting of 25 villas for the guests. Guests can access this dazzling beach and have the time of their lives. With crystal clear waters, the beach is known to have some of the best spots for snorkeling.
  • Vomo Island – TheVomo Island Resort on the Mamanucas Island has its own defining beach. One of the best things to do is to go for a hike at the top of Mount Vomo that offers paradise views found on your phones or laptops wallpapers.

Visiting Fijis private Islands have some of the best and ultimate beaches for tourists.

Hire The Best Yacht Charter Croatia Company

Selecting the professional yacht charter Croatia Company is very important if you would like to enjoy your sailing holiday.  A professional charter company may provide you brand new sailing yacht, seasoned skipper and a combined crew.

Thinking about taking a sailing holiday in Croatia, but does not have your own yacht? You don't have to worry because there are lots of charter companies that can provide you sailing yachts on charter in Croatia. If you are interested in reading more about Croatia catamaran charter then you can check out https://www.croatia-sailing-charter.com/catamaran-charter-croatia.

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However, finding the right yacht charter Croatia Company is important when you would like to experience the very best sailing vacation. Deciding on the best charter organization isn't too hard if you take care of a few things. Try to get some advice from some charter companies associated with your sailing yachts. Together with the advice, you can compare the charter companies and make an ideal decision.

Always try to get opinions from travelers that had enjoyed their sailing holidays in the area you would like to travel to.  This will be useful as you'll get brief details regarding the standard of service and fees etc..

Compare the purchase price and prices of the yacht tours but keep in mind that yachts available at affordable rates. Therefore comparing only the cost isn't enough, you also must consider the quality of the yachts that you want to use.

Things You Want To Check For A Lease Vehicle

You’re likely choosy as you elect for Avis car rental support. The businesses spend a great deal of money on upkeep of their automobiles, from oiling the machine into maintaining the inside clean.

In the case when you’re trying to get the automobile rental businesses on the internet, it may be a disappointing understanding to find a valuable arrangement on the rental vehicle. If you are looking for a place to rent a van then you may visit https://www.thebestcarrental.net/.

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When you go to get a rental provider, It’s Vital for you to check out these facts:

Gas level: you have to keep an eye on the fuel grade of this automobile when you employ it. If you return the vehicle, you’ll need to abandon it as it had been, with the exact same fuel. So, be cautious concerning the fuel amount of the automobile.

Air conditioning: In case you’re aware of the comfort level, you should check the ac machine when you like car hire Bloemfontein. Test it for a few minutes before you select.

Heating System: The exact same tip will maintain well for your heating of the automobile. Ensure the devices are prepared to fulfill your expectations.

Defrosting capacities: you might also require the defrosting systems when you want. Thus, ensure you check out to your defrosting system of the automobile and ensure it is right.

Fluid amounts: The services of automobile rental Bloemfontein check eh fluid amount in the wheels washer, windshield and so forth. Regardless of that, it’ll be a smart choice to test out to your fluid level in the auto.

Hire a Rented Van in Thailand

There are many reasons why a company owner may opt to lease a van rather than buying one. The first and foremost reason is that the price element.

Several companies are under a level of financial tension and will need to locate the best possible price for their fleet. Purchasing a van using a financing facility or money upfront may be a large financial outlay.

By leasing a van you might have the ability to minimize those expenses. You can visit the website
http://www.vvipvans.com/ if you like to know more about the renting van.

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For one to rent a van, then you’ll need to look for a contract hire company. Given below are 7 tips that will Help You in doing this:

1) be sure to look around to find the best bargain. There is enormous competition in this current market, so make the most of it.

2) Renting a van could be more economical when compared to getting a van, but there is barely in any way in purchasing a van if you aren’t making full use of it. Alternatively, you might want to employ the van and when you want it.

3) Having recognized the correct van you’re going to want to find out what attributes come as standard and which of these would boost the cost to the lease contract.

4) Know the span of employ will fit you the very best. If you’d like to modify your car or truck on a regular basis, a shorter lease will probably be wise.

5) Occasionally, you will find mileage limits in van leasing arrangements. So make certain you are aware of what the cover will be in advance in addition to the extra fees involved with doing extra mileage.

Essential Vacation Vaccination Defeating Yellow Fever Forever

A vaccination means potential danger. Just what is it we are talking about here? What is yellow fever? Yellow fever is a potentially life-threatening disease caused by a virus that primarily lives in infected mosquitoes. The bite of an infected mosquito may cause fever and flu-like symptoms, liver and kidney failure, and jaundice.

Jaundice is the yellowing of the skin due to a breakdown in liver function and where this despicable disease gets its name. The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones are to receive a yellow fever vaccination from a certified travel clinic before you leave America. You can browse https://www.travelvaccinationcentre.com.au/yellow-fever.html for yellow fever vaccination.

travel vaccination centre

As previously mentioned, there are many problem areas in the world where vaccination is highly recommended. In Central and South America, some of these problem areas are:






French Guiana 






Trinidad & Tobago 


Vaccination is the single most important tool in your arsenal of protection. A yellow fever vaccination is administered as inoculation and is surprisingly affordable considering all the protection one gains from these shots.

There are some countries that will not allow entry without a yellow fever vaccination. When you find travel clinic you will know this current list and match it up against your travel itinerary. The following list is people who are exempt from the yellow fever vaccination:

• Children under nine months old (or less than six months during an epidemic) 

• Pregnant women – except during an outbreak 

• People with a severe allergic reaction to eggs. This is because the vaccination is incubated inside eggs 

• Individuals with severe immunodeficiency due to HIV or the presence of a thymus disorder

Many people are concerned about the risks of vaccinations. So, you may be asking yourself just how safe is a yellow fever vaccination? Well, as with any vaccination there are risks. But these side effects are mild and include only soreness & swelling at the inoculation site or fever and aches. If these problems do occur they should subside within one week.

Why Make Your Own T Shirt

Ever been in a situation that makes you want to make your own t shirt design? 

Imagine on holidays, when almost everyone you meet in the streets is wearing an identical piece to your new designer t-shirt. Maybe you have that ideal t shirt collection, made from high-quality material gathering dust in your closet, yes you love wearing them but, Anytime you have them on, it always gives you the feeling that maybe the design would have been done better, feeling too flashy and given the opportunity to modify you would have done a better design or added a touch to the existing design making it a complete design.

Then it is time to make your own t shirt design, Why? There are numerous benefits to your productivity, that come with having a high-quality t-shirt design, made for you to your specifications. 

Creating your own t shirt design, can;

boost self-esteem – wearing a complete design that fits and complements your attire will always positively influence how you feel, just like that day you wore a t-shirt that made you feel free, young and fresh. point is, good design equals good feeling which in turn boosts your courage around people, fuelling your productivity, people and networking skills.

It is now possible to make your own high quality beautifully made t shirt, that meets your specifications. Am not talking about the home Do It Yourself technique, which is actually budget friendly but, the quality and the designs that come from this procedure is limited to the tools and expertise. Most of the time ending up producing a low-quality simple design apart from risking damage your t shirts.

Am talking about creating a precise, refined print on a high-quality t shirt.

https://www.makeyourowntshirt.com.au/ are experts at making your t-shirt ideas come alive. Putting you in charge of creating your own designs; own logo, picture or text, decide where the content goes and what color of fabric you want for your t shirt. After its complete, you will have it delivered to you fast. If you just want something unique, We have a diverse collection of free stock designs available online, just pick any design, customize it to your liking and send it to us we will handle the rest. 

With extensive experience of working with fabrics and, the use of our new high-end printing technologies. we guarantee to deliver a complete beautiful design. Our online shop is always open 24hr a day 7 days a week, waiting to deliver your unique designs. Primarily we are optimized in making and delivering t-shirt design for events like; birthday parties, cooperate events, sporting events or maybe just a creation for you, we will deliver.

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We value our clients' satisfaction, and this makes us always ensure we deliver, high-quality printed t-shirts, Visit our customers' reviews page and read what clients are saying about our services.

Book a Budget Hostel for your Next Travel

When you decide to take your trip overseas to ensure you perform your research and get the best prices on reasonable hostels for your lodging. There are tons of websites on the web that claim to provide you with the very best prices possible on inexpensive hostels.    

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 Most of the hostels on the site also offer the ability to tour the hostel and determine what services are offered there. This is a great way to find out whether the hostel will fit your requirements and budget.

 If you are ready to take the trip of a lifetime and want cheap hostels to stay at then look no further from there all you'll need is a strategy ticket a fantastic travel a nice pair of shoes and a little imagination to go together with your sense of experience.